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Ben Burtt on Lightsaber Sound Design (3:36)

Ben Burtt on Star Wars (5:24)

Ben Burtt on Sabers, Walkers, and Explosions (8:05)

Ben Burtt on the Empire Strikes Back (8:43)

The 10 Greatest Sounds from Star Wars (04:44)

Ben Burtt became the world's most influential sound designer by creating the sounds for the Star Wars series.

This list was created by factoring how famous or influential a given sound is, and also considering the sound from a sound designer's point of view. For example, the Darth Vader sounds are simple to create, yet the voice from James Earl Jones became one of the most influential sounds of the series. Compare that to the voice of Poggle the Lesser, which is not as famous, but a masterpiece of cutting and pasting phonetic sounds together.

Ben Burtt interview about R2 and Jim Shima's light saber (03:06)
This video was shot by Michael McMaster and is part of the R2 builders club special DVD. Uploaded with permission.

Ben Burtt Talks Star Wars Sound (0:44)
Ben Burtt talks about the sound in the original Star Wars and the Special Edition release.

Designed Sounds by Ben Burtt:

The light saber in "Star Wars": Like many of Ben Burtt's discoveries, the light sabers were a combination of two sounds: the feedback from a malfunctioning television set and the whirring of an idling film projector.

The whip in "Raiders of the Lost Ark": Burtt recorded an actual whip, which at one point Harrison Ford demonstrated on the side of the road in San Anselmo. The "whooshing" sound of the whip in the film is a Harrier jet.

The TIE Fighter engine in "Star Wars": Burtt combined an elephant's roar (slowed down considerably) with the sound of a car driving fast on a rain-slicked road.

The cockroach named Hal in "WALL-E": Hal's voice was composed of sped-up raccoon noises, and the sound of his feet skittering along the floor was made by clicking handcuffs - recorded with the help of Burtt's police officer neighbor.

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