Sound Design of Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

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Crack That Whip!
By Blair Jackson Mix Magazine, June, 2008

Hymns comments, “Ben's approach is really unique with Steven because they're like a couple of kids — you put them together and everyone else becomes almost invisible. They talk in a language that most of us don't understand, like Steven mentions an old movie and Ben immediately connects, knows exactly the sound he's talking about — he might even have it in his library — and they move forward in that way. And they're always talking about movies from the past to relate to the soundtrack we're working on. To be in a spotting session with those two is a joy for me.”
In this case, Burtt says, “I knew from the beginning that we'd want to refer back again to some of the sounds we'd established in the earliest films because Indy still has a whip, he still has a gun, there are going to be fights and chases — though, of course, we wanted to do new things with those sounds, too. I always try to create a world of sound for each movie I work on. With this one, I knew we wanted to start by having the original library of sounds brought up to date because they really only existed on old quarter-inch tapes. Portions of them had been copied and digitized in a different manner over the years — some had gone to PCM and Betamax, or whatever we were using in the '80s. But I didn't trust those earlier generations, so I said, ‘Let's go back and restore the whole collection.’” >> Read the article!!

Ben Burtt on Indiana Jones 4

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